About Us

Living in the modern world, we are exposed to pollution, low-intensity radiation, and stress. All of these factors negatively influence our intestinal health.
We have set up our company to help you combat those negative influences and to populate your Gastrointestinal (GI) tract with powerful and effective bacteria" Narine" probiotics.

Story of Asma Wellness

Hello, my name is Asma.
I was born and raised in Japan. It is my story on how I came across "Narine" probiotics for the first time, and my life has changed for the better ever since.
I had severe constipation and skin problems when I was four. Medicines didn't help me relieve the pain or discomfort I was feeling. One late night, my abdominal pain was so bad that I couldn't sleep.

My teacher from Armenia found out about the health issues I was having and had me take the "Narimax Plus" supplement. Quickly this probiotic helped me, and I started using it daily. We realized how powerful this supplement is and the difference it makes for my digestive system and daily life. We decided to help others suffering from digestive issues like I did when I was younger.
 I'm eleven years old with no health problems, but I continue to use the "Narine" supplement for prevention. These products have made a positive impact on my life. I also want you to try them to feel the benefits of the "Narine" supplement.

 Our Cooperation with Vitaway LLC

We have started official cooperation with "Narine "probiotics manufacturer Vitaway company. Vitaway LLC(the legal successor of the Vitamax-E), an applied biotechnology plant founded in 1997, is the only company in Armenia specializing in producing dry probiotic complexes with natural microbiological agents.
The company started its business by producing CDB(culture of dry biomass)in powder, tablet, and capsule forms, based on the Lactobacillus acidophilus Er-2 strain 317/402, also known as the "Narine "probiotic.
Vitaway LLC currently produces 50 products for local and international markets, including bacterial powders, probiotics in capsules and tablets, dietary supplements, yogurt starters, freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders, pet supplements, oral care products, etc.
In production, lyophilization technology is used, which preserves the biological structure of the nutrients even with changes in their physical conditions. The company carries out scientific research in biotechnologies, implements scientific-technical cooperation with the Research Institute of Biotechnology of NAS Armenia, Japan, and Poland, and cooperatively works with Japanese scientific institutions to develop novel products based on "Narine" bacteria.
Vitaway LLC exports finished and semi-finished raw materials and products to about 20 countries; Japan, the USA, South Korea, Poland, Lithuania, England, Belgium, and many others.