What is Narine ?

Narine is a lyophilized biomass of live cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus Er-2 strain 317/402. It is a human-sourced probiotic isolated from the intestinal microflora of a newborn infant.
The main goal of the development of Narine was the invention of effective and safe artificial feeding for babies. It has been widely used in Armenia as a breast milk substitute for newborns and in feeding premature infants, children suffering from intestinal disorders or health issues, and children intolerant to antibiotics.

Narine is a globally recognized product from the Caucasus region of Armenia, with over 60 years of cited therapeutic benefits in babies, children, and adults without recorded side effects. It has become a trusted probiotic supplement for people to sustain good health in many countries.
Approximately 200 clinical studies and published articles document Narine's safety, efficacy, and therapeutic effects.